The Best Westwood Restaurant Is Delphi Greek

The best Westwood restaurant is Delphi Greek

Delphi Greek, on Westwood Boulevard, brings a taste of the Mediterranean to LA every day

When you are looking for a quality family dining experience, Delphi is the best restaurant you can get.

Since 1985, Delphi Greek has served customers with the best Greek cuisine this side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Owner Roozbeh Farahanipour said the food is a personal passion. Deciding to run a Greek-themed restaurant may seem odd to some people, but more than 30 years in the business proves he’s on to something.

That’s 30-plus years of delivering the best food. 30-plus years of having the best service.

Roozbeh has watched many of customers grow from children into parents and sometimes grandparents.

Why? The food and the service keep bringing them back. When people come to Delphi Greek they get a dining experience that just makes them want to come back.

The best food. The best service. What more can you ask for?

Reasonable prices. Delphi Greek serves up the best at prices that make your wallet smile too.

Greek Delphi has a full-service bar for those who want a cocktail before they dine or with their meal. Got a special request? If the barkeep doesn’t know the recipe, pass it over and it can be added the available list. Greek Delphi is accommodating that way.

The restaurant also offers catering for business, social and special events. The same great food you get the restaurant can be served at your event.

Need more information? Ready to come to have a dining experience like no other? Delphi Greek, the best restaurant in Westwood is ready to exceed your expectations.

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