Delphi Greek, The Best Westwood Restaurant

Delphi Greek, the best Westwood restaurant

For a meal to remember in a Westwood restaurant, come to Delphi Greek.

Delphi Greek offers real Mediterranean food in Westwood (in Los Angeles) and is regularly ranked one the best restaurant in the Westside.

Why do people say Delphi Greek is the best? The three biggest reasons are:

  • Our food. It is simply amazing. We take the best from Greece and bring it to Southern California. Our authentic cuisine is exactly what you can expect to find if you visit the Mediterranean. We also have a fully stocked bar – yes we have ouzo – so you can enjoy your favorite mixed drink before your meal or with your meal.
  • Our service. Our servers make sure your needs are met when you dine with us. They bring your food to the table at the perfect temperature. Plates are cleared away when you are done. If you need help with a wine selection, our servers are well versed in what pairs with each of our dishes. At the end of your meal, if you still have room, we can suggest a dessert that perfectly complements what you ate. If you don’t have the room to finish everything, we’re glad to box it up for you to take home for later. We’ll even pack a dessert for you to take home.
  • Our prices. This is LA. Prices for a meal range from a few bucks at chain fast food joints to hundreds at 5-star restaurants. We believe you do not have to break the bank to have top quality food and excellent service. Bring the whole family and you go home happy and your wallet goes home happy.
  • We are happy to take reservations, but we do not require reservations. All you have to do is come in and be ready for an excellent meal.

    Delphi Greek, the best Westwood restaurant. Visit us any time to see why.

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