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Your New Favorite Restaurant in Westwood Village

If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Westwood Village, it’s your lucky day! Sure, there are plenty of restaurants in Westwood, but it’s not always easy to find a place that caters to everyone’s tastes. But pretty much everyone loves Greek food. Keep reading to find out more about Delphi Greek, a restaurant in Westwood Village that’s bound to become your favorite!

Delphi Greek: The Ultimate Westwood Mediterranean Restaurant

Delphi is a Greek cuisine restaurant in Westwood Village that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to fine dining: it’s affordable, delicious, and gives you a taste of Greece with every bite.

Once you try Delphi Greek’s delicious dishes, you’ll want to come back every week! What’s more, this Mediterranean restaurant in Westwood Village has something for everyone: from your regular chicken and pork selection to more traditional Greek dishes such as pita wraps, souvlaki, and moussaka. But no matter what you decide to try, one thing’s for sure — you’ll go home satisfied.

And if you’re someone who never knows what to order in a restaurant, here are our favorites from a truly amazing restaurant in Westwood Village, Delphi Greek.

  • Moussaka — It’s not often that you can find this tasty dish in a Westwood restaurant, so don’t miss out on the chance to try it. It’s eggplant and potato-based dish, with ground beef, bechamel sauce, and feta cheese. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!
  • Delphi Souvlaki — You can’t come to a Greek restaurant and not try souvlaki. This particular one features a filet mignon skewer and a chicken skewer marinated in olive oil and Greek herbs. It’s a delicacy you won’t find in any other restaurant in Westwood Village.
  • Homemade Baklava — the ultimate Greek dessert. It’s a sweet pastry with walnuts and phyllo covered in syrup. We dare you to just eat one!
  • Greek Coffee — After a delicious meal, it’s time for a cup of equally delicious Greek coffee (also known as ellinikos kafes). Different from all other kinds of coffee you’ve tried, it’s available only in this restaurant in Westwood Village.

You can also check out the menu in advance so you have time to think about what you want to eat!

Visit Delphi Greek Today and See for Yourself!

Delphi Greek is an incredible restaurant in Westwood Village. So if you were looking for a great new place in the neighborhood, mission accomplished! At Delphi, you get authentic Hellenic cuisine at affordable prices and in a convenient location. Bon appétit!

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