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There are many wonderful restaurants for fine dining in LA, but Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisine specializes in tasty Greek food delivery in Los Angeles. Delphi Greek, owned by Roozbeh Farahanipour, is pleased of provide food delivery Los Angeles to people who value tasty, affordable Hellenic Greek food.

If you want to stay home and still want great take-out food, you can get the best food delivery Los Angeles from Delphi Greek at (310) 478-2900.

“I Want Food Delivery Near Me”

Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisinehas a great menu for people who want food delivery near me. All of these dishes and many more are available for takeout: ‘

  • DELPHI SOUVLAKI $19.99: One fillet mignon skewer and one chicken skewer marinated in olive oil & Greek herbs,skewered & broiled
  • FILET MIGNON SOUVLAKI$21.99: 2 skewers of filet mignon marinated in olive oil & Greek herbs, skewered & broiled
  • DELPHI HERCULES BREAKFAST $20.99: Three Eggs Boiled or Scrambled, Three Strips of Bacon, Three Strips of Gyro Meat & Oven Roasted Potatoes. Served w/ Lagana Bread, Feta Cheese & a 3 Oz. Greek Yogurt. Substitute Eggs for White Eggs $1.49 Additional Charge or Substitute Lagana Bread for Wheat Lagana Bread for $0.99 Additional Charge.
  • CHICKEN ATHENIAN $21.99: Baked stuffed chicken breast with feta & fresh spinach, topped with avgolemono sauce
  • DELPHI COMBINATION PLATE $34.99: Moussaka,pastitsio, spanakopita, tiropitakia, keftedakia, dolmades, rice and vegetables
  • Falafel: $27-$40

Looking for Food Delivery Near Me Open Now

The coronavirus is still a concern in Los Angeles, so many of our customers want food delivery near me open now. That is why our restaurant and staff have become so efficient at delivering our Greek food safely and quickly. And when it gets to your door, it is still as hot and delicious as in our restaurant.

How We Ensure Your Hellenic Greek Food Is Prepared and Delivered Safely

Our restaurant delivers a lot of the food we serve during COVID-19, so we have developed safe practices based on CDC regulations to ensure food is made and delivered safely:

  • We use plastic gloves and change them often as we handle and serve food.
  • We use sanitary wipes on all food packages and cans that we use in the kitchen.
  • We ensure that no one comes into work feeling sick or showing symptoms.
  • We always use disinfecting products that the CDC recommends.
  • All staff in the kitchen is educated on safe food preparation and delivery.

Delphi Greek staff always uses care to ensure that you get delicious Hellenic Greek food delivered to you safely.

Call Delphi Greek Today for The Best LA Food Delivery!

At Delphi Greek, owner Roozbeh Farahanipourprovides every customer the most delicious authentic Greek food in Los Angeles. Please call our restaurant today for fast food delivery in Los Angeles – (310) 478-2900.

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