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6 Tips for Pairing Wine with Greek Food

Some of the freshest, most delicious food around, a restaurant serving Greek food with full alcohol bar privileges allows guests to enjoy a culinary experience unlike any around.

Like any cuisine, Greek food can be paired with various wines to create an even greater effect, amplifying herbs and spices or accenting grilled meats and fish. To fully appreciate any well-prepared Greek meal, you should consider accompanying each course with some kind of wine.

But how do you that?

In this guide we will give you ten brief tips for pairing wine with Greek food. These tips will help you make a wine selection next time you visit a restaurant serving Greek food with full alcohol bar.

1. Keep It Simple and Appropriate

If you’ve having appetizers then don’t go for the finest wine on the list. Similarly, when you’re having your entree you might want to consider splurging a bit. Evening out your experience makes sure you don’t overpower simpler dishes with a very fine wine and that you don’t waste a good entree with a wine that might be mismatched.

2. Match Flavors of Wine to the Flavors of the Food

If you’re eating a bold, heavy dish with red meat then consider a wine that is likewise bold and heavy. On the other hand, if you’re having a light, citrusy fish dish then consider a white wine.

3. Similar and Different Flavors

Choosing a wine that matches the theme of your dish or different from it can impact your enjoyment of the wine. For example, a sweet wine accompanying a spicy dish might offer an interesting experience.

4. Go with What You Like

This is one of the most important pieces of advice here but if you know what you like then there is nothing wrong with ordering it no matter what the dish. Nothing here is a hard and fast rule but your enjoyment of the meal is. If you know you won’t be comfortable venturing outside of what you know and love then don’t do it.

5. High-Fat Foods and Rich Wines

Pairing a decadent, high-fat meal with an equally rich wine is a surefire way to enjoy your meal. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might overpower a lower-fat meat if you choose to drink a red wine with it. This is because red wine is typically such a rich taste by itself that it needs a complement in order to not overpower the overall taste.

6. When Choosing Dessert Wines, Be Wary of Sweet

If you’re having a piece of cake consider pairing it with something more tart and, for a perfect dessert, consider a sweet wine paired with fruit and cheese. A pairing of Riesling, for example, with a cheese and fruit plate will allow you to enjoy the delicate flavors of the fruit while accentuating it with the effervescent flavor the sweet wine.

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