Delphi Greek– The Finest Event Catering in Los Angeles!

Everyone in LA knows there are many fine options for delicious event catering in Los Angeles. However, Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisine has one of the best reputations for authentic Greek catering in the state. In fact, Delphi Greek has specialized in tasty event catering in Los Angeles for years. Please call them today for an event consultation at (310) 478-2900.

Owner Roozbeh Farahanipour has worked hard for many years with his dedicated staff to provide customers with the finest event catering in Los Angeles. Whatever type of event you are having – graduation, retirement, conference, or party –  Delphi Greek can handle everything.

“I Want Vegetarian Catering in Los Angeles”

Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisine has a complete menu of delicious, real Greek food. For those who crave vegetarian catering in Los Angeles, Mr. Farhanipour provides you with many options. Please review the vegetarian menu items below (more are available):

  • Oven Roasted Potatoes: $20-$35
  • Hummus: $30-$55
  • Melitsiano: $35-$65
  • Tzatsiki: $35-$65
  • Plain Greek Yogurt: $25-$45
  • Greek Salad: $30-$45
  • Green Salad: $25-$35
  • Greek Village Salad: $35-$50
  • Oliviyeh Salad: $35-$65
  • Falafel: $27-$40

As you can see, if your event guests are vegetarians, they will be pleased with the many tasty vegetarian options available at Delphi Greek.

Which Restaurant Has the Best Catering Services in Los Angeles?

The coronavirus is still spreading across the country, and southern California, unfortunately, is a hotspot currently. But the staff at Delphi Greek want to stress that they take every precaution during this unprecedented time to ensure that customers receive delicious Greek food with their catering services.

Delphi Greek has developed an excellent reputation for its catering services, and it has maintained the same level of quality and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Are The Best Practices for Safe Catering During COVID-19?

Below are some of the practices that Delphi Greek follows in its catering kitchen to ensure every customer gets delicious food safely:

  • Use plastic gloves changed regularly to handle and serve food, using the proper federal protocols for glove use.
  • Use sanitary wipes on packages and cans before loading them into vehicles for transport to the event site.
  • Ensure that no one goes to work if they feel sick or are showing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Use disinfecting products that are recommended by the CDC.
  • Use ice packs or other cooling methods to keep food at recommended temperatures.
  • Every person who prepares food in the kitchen has been educated on the latest food safety training.

Be assured that Delphi Greek uses all best practices in its catering services so that you get the highest quality Greek food in a safe manner for your next event.

Call Delphi Greek Today for Outstanding Catering Services!

At Delphi Greek, owner Roozbeh Farahanipour offers every customer the most tasty and memorable Greek food in the city. Please call him today to set up your event catering in Los Angeles at (310) 478-2900 to order.

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