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Delphi Greek Event Catering

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties — all these events need good food. So the best thing to do is to hire the best event catering service out there. But which one to choose? There are literally hundreds of event catering services in Los Angeles alone. But let’s say that you want something European, something exotic with a pinch of history. If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with Greek food. Therefore, one of the best Greek restaurants will be at your service. We’re, of course, talking about Delphi Greek.

Greek Event Catering, You Say?

Indeed. Greek food has been popular with tourists from around the world for many decades. One team of chefs and restaurateurs noticed this and in 1985 founded Delphi Greek. Now it’s one of the best Greek-themed restaurants in Los Angeles.

It’s That Good?

Don’t take our word for it. Head over to their official website at www.delphigreek.com and find out for yourself. In the Press section, you can see how much positive coverage they had during the years. Or you can see their gallery and spot the celebrities and politicians that visited Delphi Greek. It’s truly a place where anyone can sit down and enjoy some delicious Greek cuisine.

So What about Event Catering?

Delphi Greek takes event catering very seriously. Once you visit their website, you can access their catering menu. They cover birthday parties, weddings, lunches, anniversaries and corporate events. All you have to do is give them two hours’ notice for any order of 50 guests. They offer ten catering menu options per person, based on the event. In addition, you have vegetarian menus, as well as an option to order a la carte. Drinks and desserts are included, of course.

But event catering isn’t limited to the events above. Delphi Greek will also provide you with full delivery service for every corporate or business occasion. If you want a free consultation about this service, you can contact them and set up your account by filling up a form. Once you do, Delphi Greek will charge your credit card up to a certain amount. In exchange, they will ship their food to you whenever you want.

What Else Does Delphi Greek Offer?

Delphi Greek is a restaurant with a typical, authentic Greek experience. In case you can’t visit Greece but really want to taste that gyro, make sure to visit them. They’re open every day of the week.

However, maybe you live a bit far from their location at Westwood Blvd. How will you get to taste your authentic Greek food then?

There’s no reason to worry. You can order their food from the comfort of your home by phone. Another option is to order via Facebook or a smartphone app. However you do it, Delphi Greek will deliver it in no time right at your doorstep.

Final Thoughts on the Best Greek Catering Near Me

Whether it’s wedding catering, a business event or a birthday party, you can always count on Delphi Greek to provide you with the best Greek food in LA. So don’t wait around, call the best event catering service today.


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