Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Catering in Los Angeles

It goes without saying that the success or failure of any event depends to a large extent on the quality of catering service used, and in a city like Los Angeles where caterers are a dime a dozen, one has to be extremely careful before signing on the dotted line with a catering service in Los Angeles.

There’s more to a good catering service than just looks. Don’t let the fancy neon signs, glossy business cards or plush offices of some half-baked caterer fool you into hiring the wrong catering service in Los Angeles.

To make your task a lot easier; this article will put you wise to the five things you should consider before hiring a catering service in Los Angeles.

If you aim to have quality catering service that will truly cater to your needs and that of your guests as well as make your event memorable and meaningful, not to mention have your guests wowing and praising you for a long time to come, here are things to consider:

  1. What’s their History and references like?

It will be foolhardy to entrust the success of your event into the incapable hands of an unknown quantity simply because he or she appears to be what he/she is not.

Take the trouble to make inquiries about the caterer you intend to hire before going ahead to hire them. It may also be a good idea to check up on past references of old customers and if the rating is good, you can then rest assured that your event is in the hands of a good caterer.

  1. Do they offer tasting samples?

Only caterers who truly know their art are confident enough to invite prospective clients to taste their meals just to show them how good they are before they hire them.  How else would you know what you’re getting into unless you get a taste?

  1. Partnerships with banquet halls in the city

If your event will hold outside your home you’ll need a hall or an event centre for the occasion and it will be wise to find out if your Los Angeles caterer has a solid arrangement with the management of the halls in the city as this will spare you any disappointments and the inconvenience of making the arrangements by yourself.

  1. Do they cater to the needs of guests with allergies and dietary restrictions?

Your Los Angeles catering service should be able to make provision for guests with special needs and diets. So make sure your caterer has something for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free. It’s always smart to ask how exactly the company deals with such contingencies especially at short notice

  1. Are they up to date on their health license

Ensure that your Los Angeles catering service is up to date with all the necessary health licenses permits and training from the relevant authorities certifying that they have fulfilled the food and drug administration safety requirements as stipulated under the food and drug administration law. Delphi Greek has been awarded 3 times “Certificate of Excellence” from the Health Department.

Remember that the success or failure of your event is your responsibility and not necessarily that of your caterer. So it will be in your best interests to take the above points into consideration to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Be the consummate host or hostess by hiring only the best catering service in Los Angeles and have your friends begging for invitation to your next event.

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