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Searching For The Best Takeout Restaurants in Los Angeles? Try Delphi Greek Now!

There are thousands of takeout restaurants in LA, but you cannot look for the best takeout restaurants in Los Angeles without choosing Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisine.

Owner and founder Roozbeh Farahanipour has carefully crafted his menu and service to be among the great takeout restaurants in Los Angeles, year after year. Check out his menu and see for yourself.

Mouthwatering Greek Food Delivery in Los Angeles

One of the top takeout restaurants in Los Angeles has mouthwatering menu options that you will certainly love:

  • Delphi Souvlaki: One tasty filet mignon skewer and one delicious chicken skewer marinated in Greek herbs and olive oil, broiled, for just $19.99.
  • Gyro Plate: Lamb and beef gyro, tzatsikis, pita, tomato, and onion, for just $15.99
  • Kefte Plate: Six delicious, homemade Greek meatballs, for just $17.99.
  • Filet Mignon Souvlaki: Two skewers of mouthwatering filet mignon marinated in olive oil and Greek herbs, for just $21.99

Any of these options and much more is available for fantastic Greek food delivery in Los Angeles.

Which Restaurants on Westwood Blvd?

Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisine is conveniently located for restaurants Westwood Blvd. If you want to best take out Greek food around, you must come here for a visit today! They routinely get excellent reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, so make it your next stop.

Why Eat Hellenic Greek Food?

Hellenic Greek food has a storied history going back thousands of years. Foods in ancient Greece typically consisted of wheat, barley, fruit, grains, vegetables, bread, and cake. They also grew grapes, olives, wheat and figs. Greeks raised goats for cheese and milk, and they ate a lot of olives, bread, and beans. Some of the most popular dishes going back so many years included grilled meats, fresh fish and many dishes drizzled with honey.

Legumes were also popular and are to this day. Some of the legumes used in ancient Hellenic Greek dishes included:

  • Bitter vetch: Present in Greece since 8,000 BC.
  • Black beans: Black bean threshing was mentioned in the Iliad, giving us a clue how long they have been eaten in Greece!
  • Broad or fava beans: Eaten in main dishes and in desserts.
  • Lentils: One of the most prolific plants in ancient Greece.
  • Garden peas: Mentioned in many ancient texts, so were probably eaten often.

The ancient Greek food traditions are being carried on to this day at Delphi Greek. Be sure to give this well-reviewed restaurant a try for takeout.

Looking for the Best Takeout Restaurants in Los Angeles? Choose Delphi Greek!

Ready to try real Hellenic Greek food? Delphi Greek is tops on the list for the best, most delicious takeout restaurants in Los Angeles, so please visit their site at today!

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